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In God We Trust

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I once won a competition! The question was ‘who wrote “The Owl and the Pussycat”?’ I don’t need to tell you, as no one actually told me then (i.e. I knew it), that it was Edward Lear. I won a little theatre to do shows in and I performed in front of my parents. Disaster. Dropped Cinderella. “Bugger!” I said, before I knew it. I think I was nine or ten. Mum and dad leaned […]

Je ne pas suis Charlie

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I have a friend; her name is Charlie. No, sorry, his name is Charlie. Their name is Charlie. You know what? All of my friends are Charlie. They aren’t John and Mary and Emily any more, they are one amalgamation of many many Charlies: left-wing, right-wing, centrist friends of mine have all outed themselves as a secret Charlie-all-along this last week. They did so by putting a hashtag (#) followed by ‘jesuischarlie’ after, well, anything […]