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Holiday! Celebrate!

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In the immortal words of Madonna, “if we took a holiday / Took some time to celebrate / Just one day out of life / It would be, it would be so nice”. You know what? It is so nice. In case you can’t tell, I’m on summer holiday, yippee! More to come, promise, but Ill leave you with this doodle I did. It is a weak pun on band names (one of many. I’ll post others soon).

Oh, blow!

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When I was six, my two front teeth had already fallen out, and two adult teeth had grown in their place. So, when my Year 1 class was invited to take brass lessons, I was the only one considered, because I was the only one who wouldn’t be spitting my front teeth into the mouthpiece. So I started playing the trumpet. I played al through school. And boy, was I terrible. I remember trying to […]