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Bom dia! I’ve just returned from a very relaxing week in Portugal with my parents. All the time I was away, I didn’t ruminate, click my joints, pull my eyebrows, or walk in circles. Sudden I come back, however… One day at a time. Would you like to see some rubbishy iPhone photos? Yeah you would!           We went in May.                 


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all about me / jetsetting lifestyle yah

Ciao a tutti! Come stai? As you can probably tell, I have come back from another one of my exciting jaunts to climates foreign, this time: Sardegna, Italia! In other words, I have been to Sardine Isle, aka Sardinia. Interestingly, Sardinia is not actually named after the fish. And I ate no sardine out there. Tru fakt. What I did do in Sardinia was drink plenty of the local vino. I (accidentally) went on a […]

La Dolce Vita

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jetsetting lifestyle yah / photos

That’s right guys and gals, I’m in sunny Italy! I’m blogging from the cafe with the free wifi, sipping my caffe and munching on cornetto marmalata – basically caffeine fix, with orange jam pastry. The life here is good. Of course, I already knew that, having studied in Brescia a few years ago. Brescia, while still not a tourist attraction, was a fairly big town and so had all the essentials like a bizarre milk-vending-machine-shop-type-thing; […]