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A fleeting visit, just to show a work in progress (wip). Currently making a crochet bag for a colleague. Check out the progression! I’ll post a picture when it’s completely finito. Also, I’ve not been blogging so much lately because I’ve been busy writing a piece for a novel competition! Wish me luck…

Bzz bzz bzz

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“I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me Papa-Paparazzi” The term ‘paparazzo’ was (apparently) coined by Federico Fellini in his 1960 film La Dolce Vita. He had a character called Paparazzo who was a photographer, and sources vary, but Fellini thought the sound reminded him of an insect. I’ve also variously heard that it means ‘little sparrow’. Whatever, it means taking pictures of people. Which I might have done today…

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

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I’ve just come back from Lates at the Natural History Museum! If you haven’t been, then GO. I mean to the museum in general, but if you can get yourself to a late night then you can look at dinosaurs with a) no children in the way; b) funky music playing; and c) booze. I haven’t been to the museum since the Moving Dinosaurs in the 90s (which made a boy in my school cry […]

The music of colour – that’s what I want

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Bridget Riley, 1967 Please excuse me being so pretentious there. But (having had just had a post about my monochromatic love) I’m in agreement with Ms Riley here. I just like bright colours. Or deep colours. Or pastel colours. Just… colours. I needed to buy some plaster the other day (don’t ask) so trudged on down to Wilko’s. On my way, I had to pass Laura Ashley. A green twinkly caught my eye and I […]