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My Holiday

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I’ve blogged before about Marian Keyes and how flippantly she seems to view OCD. (The book was Last Chance Saloon, and I really enjoyed it, OCD jokes excepted). Well, my audible credit rolled round again and I thought I’d give her another shot. And I’m glad I did. Rachel’s Holiday is about Rachel Walsh, an Irish New York resident who enjoys recreational drugs. One night, she goes a bit too far and ends up having […]

Under the Duvet/On my Armchair

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It’s shameful, I know. I’m well-educated with an international Classics degree, for goodness’ sake! And I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Yes, I am guilty of that most perverse pleasure: reading chick-lit. Godddd, I love it. I gobble up ‘Shopaholic’ books and Bridget Jones’ diaries faster than you can say Tolstoy. Or Austen. Or Dickens. Or any of those other books that I know I should read, but I don’t enjoy as much. I’m […]