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I recently went on a nostalgia bender. That involves watching 1990s music videos on YouTube. Cher – Do You Belieeve in a Thiiiing Called Love! 4 Non Blondes! Madonna – Beautiful Stanger! Lou Bega! Len! And Soul Asylum… Runaway Train was released when I was 14. I always liked it, if I thought it was a little sad. But I’d never watched the video. A little sad?! It chronicles the details of about 12 children […]

Hospital trip

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I like visiting people in hospital. I like the smell and general cleanliness of hospitals. I don’t, however, like going to hospital for me. Take today. I was in the outpatient section, which also doubles up as blood test waiting area. I have NEVER been able to have an injection. I’m not one of those people who “isn’t good with needles” – I’m seriously phobic. In school, I ran away during the BCG, and had […]


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Bom dia! I’ve just returned from a very relaxing week in Portugal with my parents. All the time I was away, I didn’t ruminate, click my joints, pull my eyebrows, or walk in circles. Sudden I come back, however… One day at a time. Would you like to see some rubbishy iPhone photos? Yeah you would!           We went in May.                 

Spring has sprung!

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And boy, ain’t it great. I love it: balmy evenings, 20.00 sunsets, cider, the insect reawakening, and someone’s radio playing in the background. Oh, and floaty dresses. Who could forget the floaty dresses? I own lots of nice 1950s prom dresses with floral prints, and also have my eye on these little beauties: (being fair, everything on this website is GOLD) I own cute dresses with beach huts, with roses, with itsy-bitsy polka […]

Works if you work it

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There is a story by James Thurber I like very much. It is called “The Bear Who Let It Alone” and is about a bear who is a notorious drunk, comes home having been on the lash, knocks over the table and falls asleep on the floor. His wife, we are told, was greatly distressed and his children were very frightened. He then turns teetotal and a spokesman for the Temperance Society. Boasting about how […]

Out with the old, in with the new (year)…

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I am writing this in 2015, which still scarily sounds like The Future. I will be 31 this year, and have lived my life almost exactly half and half in the 20th and 21st centuries. Just gimme another year. And so my thoughts turn to resolutions and my lack every year thereof. When I was in the Priory, one of my resolutions was to ‘try something new each day’. This was then revised to ‘each […]


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It happens, apparently, to 1 in 5 of us. It’s certainly happened to me, a few times. When I was a teenager and no one understood me, I’d get the train and tube to Camden, where I’d buy green hair dye I was too chicken to use. My friends were all confident: they kissed people and talked about it. I was a shrivelled seed; all awkwardness and ugliness. But still, we were friends. One time […]

A Quick Round-Up

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This post is a very meeeeeee-centric self-indulgent one, but it’s my blog, so I don’t care. It is, as it says on the tin, just a quick recap of my October so far. Here goes: – My creative writing course starts next week! I’m very excited. I very nearly did a Masters this year in Norwich, but didn’t for reasons far too tedious to go into. – My illustration course is going very well. I […]


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By the way, I have been featured as a guest blogger on Find me here: My dad gave me a lift to work. “I’m sorry,” I said, as I closed the door. “What for?” asked dad, doing driverly things. “I’m not sure. Being a bit late? Making you go ever so slightly out of your way? I don’t know, but I’m sorry.” “That’s all right,” said dad as he drove along. Silence. “I’m […]