Month: April 2016


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colour / craft / photos

A fleeting visit, just to show a work in progress (wip). Currently making a crochet bag for a colleague. Check out the progression! I’ll post a picture when it’s completely finito. Also, I’ve not been blogging so much lately because I’ve been busy writing a piece for a novel competition! Wish me luck…

Clever clever clever

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The fictional Marguerite St Just was the “cleverest woman in Europe” according to her creator, Baroness Emma Orczy, yet she took about 10* chapters before she realised that her husband, Sir Percy Blakeney, was the Scarlet Pimpernel. That is despite it being PATENTLY OBVIOUS.  And so brings us to today’s subject: being clever. Or being too clever. Or being so clever, you are blind to any of your faults. Yes, u speak of you, Stephen […]