Happy Birthday to Me*!

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*it is not my birthday. 

I, like the queen, have two birthdays. My physical birthday, which is in June (the 20th, if you want to send cards), and my mental birthday, which is today! Hooray!

I was diagnosed with OCD exactly six years ago today. My life started making sense on 19th December 2009. 

Whatever December brings you – and it’s quite a busy month for me, Christmas notwithstanding – then I hope you get the peace and serenity I did when I entered the Priory all those years ago. 

The Author

Hello! I'm Brigid. I live in London and work in a primary school. My ambition is to be a children's author and illustrator. I also like listening to 80s music and dancing like a loon. My heart dances to vintage dresses, mini coopers, brass bands and hula hoops. Proud owner of goldfish and a pink ukulele. This blog is a mishmash of my general life. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. AddaiAndMari says

    “Peace and serenity” – not easy to find nowadays, are they? Wishing you increase through 2016!

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