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When I was in Manchester in the summer, I visited a magic art shop-cum-emporium which sold everything arty you could ever want ever. It went on for miles. I bought some things, brought them home, and forgot about them.

I sometimes get very restless in the evenings. I don’t want to sit and watch telly, I want to do something. So I reached for my dusty art supplies. 

They’re lovely. I’d forgotten I bought a beautiful black sketch book ((in which I will do colourful drawings) and a really really lovely plain book. The paper seems to be too nice to ruin with my scribbles, but that’s what I’ve done tonight. I got the bug. 

I’m not very good t drawing. They always turn out too… flat, somehow. So I try to make them look 3D (and usually fail). They don’t look 3D. They look flat and at an odd angle, but I don’t care. I drew them, they’re quirky, they’re mine. 

You don’t have to like them, but I do. So there. 

Gardening advice

  Weekly shop  
 Inside the inventor’s studio 

A glimpse into the neighbour’s 
Two posts in as many days? I spoil you lot. 

The Author

Hello! I'm Brigid. I live in London and work in a primary school. My ambition is to be a children's author and illustrator. I also like listening to 80s music and dancing like a loon. My heart dances to vintage dresses, mini coopers, brass bands and hula hoops. Proud owner of goldfish and a pink ukulele. This blog is a mishmash of my general life. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. AddaiAndMari says

    Think there’s the makings of a story both in Doodle Heights and with the Invention. Ones for the writing projects list, perhaps?

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