Month: June 2015

Hospital trip

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I like visiting people in hospital. I like the smell and general cleanliness of hospitals. I don’t, however, like going to hospital for me. Take today. I was in the outpatient section, which also doubles up as blood test waiting area. I have NEVER been able to have an injection. I’m not one of those people who “isn’t good with needles” – I’m seriously phobic. In school, I ran away during the BCG, and had […]


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Bom dia! I’ve just returned from a very relaxing week in Portugal with my parents. All the time I was away, I didn’t ruminate, click my joints, pull my eyebrows, or walk in circles. Sudden I come back, however… One day at a time. Would you like to see some rubbishy iPhone photos? Yeah you would!           We went in May.