Month: April 2015

Letting go

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My friend and I have a game (there are no winners). I can’t remember exactly how it started, but the basic premise is to come up with as many words-that-are-spelt-the-same-but-pronounced-differently. For example, Polish/polish; entrance/entrance; refuse/refuse. And so it goes on. I thought I was onto a right winner when I came up with ‘number’ (you see, you could be feeling more numb than before! Number!) but I started thinking about the word resent recently. It […]

Spring has sprung!

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And boy, ain’t it great. I love it: balmy evenings, 20.00 sunsets, cider, the┬áinsect reawakening, and someone’s radio playing in the background. Oh, and floaty dresses. Who could forget the floaty dresses? I own lots of nice 1950s prom dresses with floral prints, and also have my eye on these little beauties: (being fair, everything on this website is GOLD) I own cute dresses with beach huts, with roses, with itsy-bitsy polka […]