Month: March 2015

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

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I’ve just come back from Lates at the Natural History Museum! If you haven’t been, then GO. I mean to the museum in general, but if you can get yourself to a late night then you can look at dinosaurs with a) no children in the way; b) funky music playing; and c) booze. I haven’t been to the museum since the Moving Dinosaurs in the 90s (which made a boy in my school cry […]

In God We Trust

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I once won a competition! The question was ‘who wrote “The Owl and the Pussycat”?’ I don’t need to tell you, as no one actually told me then (i.e. I knew it), that it was Edward Lear. I won a little theatre to do shows in and I performed in front of my parents. Disaster. Dropped Cinderella. “Bugger!” I said, before I knew it. I think I was nine or ten. Mum and dad leaned […]