Month: October 2014

A Quick Round-Up

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This post is a very meeeeeee-centric self-indulgent one, but it’s my blog, so I don’t care. It is, as it says on the tin, just a quick recap of my October so far. Here goes: – My creative writing course starts next week! I’m very excited. I very nearly did a Masters this year in Norwich, but didn’t for reasons far too tedious to go into. – My illustration course is going very well. I […]

Under the Duvet/On my Armchair

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books / mental health / ocd

It’s shameful, I know. I’m well-educated with an international Classics degree, for goodness’ sake! And I know I shouldn’t, but I do. Yes, I am guilty of that most perverse pleasure: reading chick-lit. Godddd, I love it. I gobble up ‘Shopaholic’ books and Bridget Jones’ diaries faster than you can say Tolstoy. Or Austen. Or Dickens. Or any of those other books that I know I should read, but I don’t enjoy as much. I’m […]

It’s a wrap!

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Happy World Mental Health Day, everybody! It’s a shame we don’t get presents and cake, but never mind. Next year, I’m going to insist on balloons, at the very least. Speaking of happy, I should probably add a little happy to my blog. It’s been a bit depressing lately, what with OCD and not going to the toilet, so here’s something that makes me very happy: crochet! I learnt to knit while I was at […]