This is a piece of free-writing I did a little while ago. Spark word: bell. Time: 10 minutes. "So," the cloaked figure whispered, "this is where they found her. Bloodless and naked, except for a necktie around her-" "Dong!" "-around her neck," continued the cloaked figure, irritably. "No one knows-" "Dong! Dong-dong!" "-why she was … Continue reading Bell


By the way, I have been featured as a guest blogger on Find me here: My dad gave me a lift to work. "I'm sorry," I said, as I closed the door. "What for?" asked dad, doing driverly things. "I'm not sure. Being a bit late? Making you go ever so slightly out … Continue reading sorry

And the Nominees Are…

Well, I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you very much, Shania of - I'm very flattered. I must confess, I had never actually heard of the Liebster Award, but having looked it up, it all seems jolly exciting. There are some complex rules regarding nominations, so here goes nothing: 1. … Continue reading And the Nominees Are…

Seriously Disordered Thinking

Warning: long.   It was Thursday and I was meeting a friend for lunch. Like me, she is partial to mugs and notebooks, so we skipped into Tottenham Court Road Paperchase. Lovely! Mugs, notebooks, ribbons, pom-poms - everything a girl could want! We looked at pretty things, we looked at useless things. We looked at … Continue reading Seriously Disordered Thinking