The music of colour – that’s what I want

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Bridget Riley, 1967

Please excuse me being so pretentious there. But (having had just had a post about my monochromatic love) I’m in agreement with Ms Riley here. I just like bright colours. Or deep colours. Or pastel colours. Just… colours.

I needed to buy some plaster the other day (don’t ask) so trudged on down to Wilko’s. On my way, I had to pass Laura Ashley. A green twinkly caught my eye and I found myself, well, buying it. This is surprising because a) I am stony broke, and b) I’m normally quite vocal about how I dislike green. I’m never sure if it’s because I actually dislike green, or whether it’s because I was forced to wear bottle green during my formative years, but green has never really appealed. But it wasn’t the green that appealed to me. The dress had pink flowers. I quite like pink (I’m not one of those people who says “I’m sooo girrly, I loves pink!!!!!1111!!”) but it was the contrast of pink and green. I just liked it, so this dress – the last one! In my size! It must have been a sign – has found itself from the shop floor to my bedroom floor (I’m quite messy).

Just noticed I appear to be abusing parentheses unusually frequently this post.

Back to colour. I think it’s not so much colour I love, but the contrast and the play amongst them. Navy, I think, is quite a dull colour, until you pop some zesty orange next to it, then – pow! It comes alive!

So maybe I’ve been hard on green all these years. Maybe it deserves a little love. So bring on the green!

…For someone who claims not to like green, I sure have a lot of it.


By the way, check out Bridget’s work: She’s one of my favourite artists

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Hello! I'm Brigid. I live in London and work in a primary school. My ambition is to be a children's author and illustrator. I also like listening to 80s music and dancing like a loon. My heart dances to vintage dresses, mini coopers, brass bands and hula hoops. Proud owner of goldfish and a pink ukulele. This blog is a mishmash of my general life. I hope you enjoy it.

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