Month: July 2014

Oh, blow!

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When I was six, my two front teeth had already fallen out, and two adult teeth had grown in their place. So, when my Year 1 class was invited to take brass lessons, I was the only one considered, because I was the only one who wouldn’t be spitting my front teeth into the mouthpiece. So I started playing the trumpet. I played al through school. And boy, was I terrible. I remember trying to […]

The music of colour – that’s what I want

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colour / photos

Bridget Riley, 1967 Please excuse me being so pretentious there. But (having had just had a post about my monochromatic love) I’m in agreement with Ms Riley here. I just like bright colours. Or deep colours. Or pastel colours. Just… colours. I needed to buy some plaster the other day (don’t ask) so trudged on down to Wilko’s. On my way, I had to pass Laura Ashley. A green twinkly caught my eye and I […]

It’s getting Hotter in here…

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all about me

Now, it’s not often you’ll hear me say something along the lines of my needing to eat my words, but goodness me, after this shopping trip, my words are very yummy indeed. Let me explain. There is a shop in Bromley called Hotter. They specialise in ‘comfy’ shoes that you wouldn’t be seen dead in (or so I thought). I won’t post a picture*, but I had weeping feet, literally, when providence guided me into […]